What’s the Distinction Between California and Florida Avocados?

Botanically talking, avocadoes are a fruit however they’re fairly not like many of the fruits we eat. They’re very low in sugar and really excessive in fats.  The truth is, on the planet of diet, we don’t depend an avocado as a serving of fruit however as a few servings of fats.  That doesn’t imply avocados are unhealthy for you; fairly the opposite.

Is the Fats in Avocado Unhealthy for You?

Many of the fats in avocado is monounsaturated, the identical sort of heart-healthy fats present in olive oil.  Folks whose diets are excessive in monounsaturated fat have decrease danger of coronary heart illness and likewise are usually slimmer.  Nonetheless, in case you’re watching your energy, you need to bear in mind that avocados pack a number of energy into a comparatively small area.

What’s the Distinction Between California and Florida Avocados?

Simply how shortly these energy add up relies on what sort of avocado you will have. Right here within the U.S., the 2 important types of avocado are normally known as California and Florida avocados. The California avocados (often known as Hass avocados) are those with the darkish, pebbly skins. Those with the graceful inexperienced rinds are Florida avocados.

How Many Energy Are in an Avocado?

One apparent distinction is that Florida avocados are bigger than the California selection and so they’re fairly a bit greater in energy.  A mean-sized Florida avocado has about 300 energy versus 200 energy for a typical California avocado.

A not-so-obvious distinction is that California avocados have the next fats share, which makes them greater in energy in case you’re measuring by weight. An oz. of Florida avocado—which is a bit in regards to the dimension of a golf ball—has about 33 energy, whereas the richer California selection packs about 50-calories per ounce (or golf ball).

This may all get very complicated if you’re making an attempt to search for diet data for avocado. As a way to get correct details about fats and energy, that you must make certain that the supply is referencing the identical sort of avocado as you’re consuming.

What’s a “Lite” Avocado?

Simply to make issues just a little bit extra complicated, you’ll have seen one thing labeled a “lite” avocado on the retailer. This isn’t actually something new. It’s only a new advertising and marketing spin that some intelligent Florida avocado growers got here up with.  Seeing as Florida varieties are decrease in fats, they thought they’d play up that benefit by rebranding Florida avocados as “lite” avocados.  However purchaser beware: Ounce for ounce, Florida avocados are decrease in energy, however it’s a must to keep in mind that they’re additionally twice as huge. Should you’re going to eat the entire thing, you’d really be much better off consuming a California avocado.


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