What ought to wrestlers eat after weigh ins?

What ought to wrestlers eat after weigh ins?

By Coach Dustin Myers, CSCS

One of the crucial frequent questions I hear from athletes, mother and father and coaches is a few variation of the age previous “what ought to I eat and drink after weigh ins?”

Usually instances a wrestler is in a (generally chronically) dehydrated state and has been at a calorie deficit for a lot of the previous week, if not longer.  Now that they’ve made weight the hot button is to rehydrate correctly and replenish the glycogen that was not correctly changed from the weeks exercises.  It is a delicate course of and can proceed through out the day throughout tournaments, and it may possibly simply be derailed by poor planning or glutenous instincts.  Eat and drink an excessive amount of and you may be feeling sluggish, or worse, making frequent journeys to the restroom.  Inadequate rehydration and continued restricted carbohydrate consumption generally is a detriment to efficiency and inter-match restoration.

So what’s the greatest technique?  Let’s begin originally, instantly publish weigh in:

Rehydrate– essentially the most essential factor is to rehydrate instantly utilizing an electrolyte primarily based drink.  The sodium, potassium and calcium that was misplaced in your sweat should be changed to keep away from cramping and make sure that your muscular tissues will hearth accurately.  It is suggested that 1.5L of water is consumed for each kilogram of body weight misplaced, so a wrestler that minimize 4lbs of water weight might want to eat 3L of water to rehydrate.  HOWEVER – it isn’t advisable or sensible to drink all of that without delay.  The truth is in that situation with a 1 hour twin meet weigh in, the wrestler that minimize 4lbs can’t be fully rehydrated earlier than the match.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends {that a} 132lb adolescent eat 9oz fluids each 20 minutes throughout sports activities competitors.  

A protected method can be for the wrestler to drink as a lot as they need (till feeling happy) instantly publish weigh in, then eat an extra 8oz of fluids each 15-20 minutes after.  This similar technique will be utilized through out the day throughout tournaments.  I’d advocate electrolytes (ideally with department chain amino acids equivalent to Max Effort Muscle’s Amino Restoration) taken with fluids publish weigh in and once more after every match throughout competitors.

Replenish– after limiting energy to make weight it may be tempting to seize some pizza or ice cream from the concession stand.  Don’t do it.  You wish to keep away from excessive fats and excessive fiber meals (and in my view, different exhausting to digest meals equivalent to dairy) as it’ll decelerate digestion.  The bottom line is to replenish glycogen shops within the muscular tissues and provides your physique some quick power with some excessive glycemic carbohydrates.  To replenish glycogen shops within the muscular tissues it is suggested to eat 1-1.85g carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight. each 60 minutes.  So utilizing the identical 132lb (60kg) wrester as the instance, they may want between 60 to 111gr excessive glycemic carbohydrates per hour, or after every match.  What’s a simple strategy to obtain that?  How a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a banana?

2 slices bread – 30g carbohydrates

2T Jelly – 30g carbohydrates

1T Peanut Butter – 7g carbohydrates

Banana – 25g carbohydrates

Whole – 92g carbohydrates

That should you proper in the course of that vary, and a simple strategy to up the quantity with out including a variety of meals quantity to your abdomen is ingesting a few of your fluids in juice kind (grape juice has 20g carbs per 40z) or snacking on some raisins.  Repeat this similar protocol after every match for the day.  Wait till the victory dinner to pig out and to eat any huge servings of protein or fats.

Anti-catabolic– one other issue to consider throughout competitors, notably throughout the day lengthy grind of a event, is to keep away from the breakdown of muscle tissue.  Whereas I don’t advocate consuming a variety of meat or different protein wealthy meals throughout the day, you have to someprotein.  If you must eat some meat throughout the day, go along with one thing low fats equivalent to hen breast or egg whites.  Consuming a serving of Amino Restoration (10g BCAA, 5g Glutamine, electrolytes) after weigh ins and after every match throughout the day needs to be enough to restore muscle injury and hold your physique from slipping right into a catabolic state.


Match Day Cheat Sheet:

– Electrolytes and fluids instantly publish weigh in

– Extra 8oz fluids each 15-20 minutes

– 1.5L water per kg water weight misplaced throughout weight minimize.  This must be consumed over the course of the day IN ADDITION to regular water consumption.

– 1-1.85g excessive glycemic carbohydrates publish weigh in and after each match 

– keep away from “heavy” exhausting to digest meals

– restrict protein in addition to BCAA and Glutamine 


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