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As a member of PHHC, you already put a priority on your health and wellness. You exercise to keep your body healthy. You belong to a healthy community. Massage is an ideal way to complement your health ritual.
Touch is a vital part of being human. As pain is a signal from the body to the brain that something is wrong, positive touch is a reminder of all that is right. Massage can increase body awareness, elevate mood and improve body image, reduce pain, improve immune function and reduce stress hormones.
It is difficult these days to set aside dedicated time for self-care. Massage therapy sessions are a perfect way to ‘shut out the world’ for a little while – and you leave healthier and happier.
We don’t stop at the massage session. We want you to go home with an idea of what you can do to extend the effects of our work. We’ll give suggestions for self-care (or coordinate with your Physical Therapist or Pilates instructor) to keep you going in the right direction at home.
We became massage therapists because we want to help others in a substantive way. Being able to facilitate healing is a gratifying result of our work.
Massage is healing for us therapists, too! The practice of making space for another person’s healing is beneficial to our lives as well. It’s a great side-effect of what we do.
Not sure you like massage? It might be the therapist match. It’s much like making a new friend or going on a first date. We do our best to connect you with the right therapist but we aren’t perfect. If you aren’t satisfied with your session, try another therapist.
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