Kali mudra – Which means, Steps, and Advantages

The Kali Mudra is amongst these mudras that possess the ability of the goddess it’s named after, Goddess Kali. She is taken into account to be one of the vital highly effective types of a Shakti,  who can be the reincarnation of Goddess Durga. 

By interlocking your fingers and becoming a member of the index fingers of each palms, you’re manifesting the sword of destruction. This destruction is of damaging vitality, vitality blockages, emotional setbacks, and trauma, or any adversarial state of affairs or sample that’s preserving you caught, mentally and spiritually.

On this article, we’ll let the that means of this mudra, steps to carry out, its advantages.

What’s Kali Mudra?

Kali is derived from the Sanskrit phrase kala which implies “time” or “black”. Thus, it comes as no shock that Kali can be seen because the goddess of time, change, creation, and energy. She is counted amongst one of the vital highly effective and fearsome deities within the Hindu tradition.

Some might understand or misread her as an evil harmful power, however she is related to fearlessness, inside energy, empowerment, and as somebody who destroys sin and ignorance making approach for moksha.

The Kali mudra does simply that. It’s an hasta mudra or hand gesture that offers you the ability of letting go. It strengthens the constructive ideas and removes emotions of frustration, stress, stress, distractions, irritation, and aggravation. 

It clears out all of the damaging vitality via the vitality channels.

The gesture of becoming a member of the index finger and preserving them straight is a illustration of the sword that kills phantasm or maya.

The gesture of becoming a member of the index finger and preserving them straight is a illustration of the sword that kills phantasm or maya. The Kali Mudra can be recognized by the Ksepana Mudra, and Maha Kali Mudra.

The right way to carry out Kali Mudra

You may carry out the Kali Mudra in a seated, standing or supine place. This mudra can be practiced whereas performing asanas the place you aren’t actively utilizing your palms or you’ve got the freedom of enjoying round with the motion of the palms.

Any hasta mudra might be carried out upto 45 minutes every day. You can even break up this time into quarter-hour 3 occasions a day. And the very best time to observe any mudra is the Brahma Muhurta.

For ease of clarification, we might be itemizing the steps for a seated place.

  • Sit in a snug pose, preferable Sukhasana (Straightforward Pose), Padmasana (Lotus Pose) or Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose).
  • Deliver your palms infront your head and be a part of them collectively in Anjali Mudra.
  • Besides the index fingers, interlock all the opposite fingers. Your left thumb might be crossed over the correct thumb.
  • With the index fingers joint and stored straight, level your palms in direction of the bottom.
  • You may chant the mantra ‘Om Krim Kali’ to invoke the blessing of Goddedd Kali and ask for her safety and steering.
  • Meditate with this mudra for quarter-hour.

Tricks to keep in mind

The Kali Mudra ought to all the time be pointed in direction of the bottom to launch damaging vitality. Whereas in Sat Kriya of Kundalini Yoga Kriya, this mudra is pointed in direction of the sky to awaken the kundalini shakti.

The left aspect of the physique is taken into account to be female-energy (Shakti) dominant which is why the left thumb is stored over the correct thumb.

Precautions for working towards the mudra

Don’t observe this mudra for longer period because it may end up in lack of constructive vitality as nicely.

In case you are incorporating the mudra with a yoga asana, you need to be clear in regards to the results of the mixed energy of the asana and mudra earlier than beginning the observe. In case your bodily or psychological well being doesn’t let you carry ahead with it, it is best to cease working towards instantly.

When you have a excessive metabolism, it is best to keep away from working towards the mudra as kali mudra evokes you to let go. This energy impacts on a bodily degree as nicely by enhancing extra elimination of waste from the physique.

Advantages of Kali Mudra

Practising the Kali Mudra will provide you with the energy to beat and get out of the vicious cycle of damaging thought patterns and feelings. You’ll have the braveness to let go of the issues that serve no objective in your life. And identical to the Goddess Kali, additionally, you will grow to be fearless to face any problem head-on.

Listed below are some advantages of working towards the Kali Mudra to encourage your additional:

  • Improves the constructive vitality move by destroying any damaging energies.
  • The constructive vitality helps in eradicating psychological stress in addition to stress on joints and muscle tissues. 
  • It helps with psychological detox by eradicating undesirable ideas and draining damaging feelings. This cleaning of the thoughts helps enhance the move of prana vitality.
  • This energy of letting go additionally aids bodily detoxing by enhancing the digestive system, respiratory system, and the method of removing of poisons via sweat.
  • The Kali mudra is extraordinarily helpful in supplying you with the energy and braveness to start one thing new by eradicating fearful and anxious ideas.
  • When mixed with asanas, meditation, or pranayama, it can scale back signs of melancholy, nervousness, stress, stress, and many others.
  • It additionally prompts and stimulates the third eye and crown chakra when the hand is pointed upwards.
  • A peaceful and peaceable thoughts will encourage restful sleep.


Goddess Kali is worshipped as a fearless goddess who eradicated evilness. The identical fearlessness is manifested within the practitioner via the observe of Kali Mudra. The sword-like hand gesture strengthens your willpower to eradicate all damaging ideas, feelings, and emotions. 

By making the thoughts resolute, it encourages the practitioners to adapt to vary and do away with ideas which can be preserving you again from pursuing your objectives. Thus, working towards the Kali Mudra will enhance your psychological energy to tackle life with vigor.

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