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How you can Biohack Your Orgasm

In case your intercourse life leaves you wanting, you’re in good firm. A 2015 research discovered that over half of all ladies described their intercourse life as unfulfilling, and Individuals — particularly younger Individuals — are having much less intercourse than earlier generations. I discuss with ladies on a regular basis, each purchasers and buddies, who describe low libido and bother with orgasm like it’s a reality of life. 

Why are Individuals, and notably ladies, experiencing such dissatisfaction of their intercourse lives? The explanations are many, from relational issues to the calls for and stresses of recent life (which have solely elevated in the course of the pandemic), and the options are simply as wide-ranging. Typically it requires engaged on {our relationships}; typically it requires taking a look at our work-life stability. Typically it requires each.

However a giant contributing issue for girls of their reproductive years is lack of information concerning the infradian rhythm, or the 28-day hormone cycle we expertise every month. The infradian rhythm modulates sexual need and response throughout the menstrual cycle. The extra you understand concerning the infradian rhythm, the higher intercourse you may have. Ladies additionally expertise 4 distinct phases of arousal, and the extra you understand about every stage, the higher orgasms you may have.  For a deeper dive, take a look at chapter 8 of Within the FLO

There are two steps to biohacking your orgasm:

Step 1 – Learn to get and keep in orgasmic plateau for so long as potential

Step 2 – Determine which part of the cycle you’re in so you may present your self with the hacks you want to obtain orgasmic plateau in every part efficiently. 

Right here’s what you want to know: 

Understanding the Levels of Arousal

Step one in having a extra fulfilling intercourse life is knowing the mechanics of the arousal course of. While you perceive the 4 distinct phases of arousal, you’re higher capable of biohack your sexual response and expertise higher, extra constant pleasure. 

The primary stage of arousal: Tumescence

The primary stage of arousal known as tumescence. It’s once you expertise the tingly sensation of desirous to have intercourse. Right here’s what’s occurring inside your physique throughout tumescence: your coronary heart races and blood rushes to your clitoris. You additionally expertise vaginal lubrication and elevated blood move to the breasts and nipples. Throughout sure phases of your cycle, together with this one, it may take longer for this preliminary arousal course of to kick in (which we are going to discuss extra about in a minute), and you’ll take additional steps to assist your physique alongside throughout these phases. 

The Second Stage of Arousal: Orgasmic Plateau

Ranges of dopamine and epinephrine enhance and the pleasure facilities in your mind gentle up like  a Christmas tree. In the meantime, exercise goes down within the mind areas related to anxiousness. Your clitoris turns into extra delicate and your mind sends indicators to your muscular tissues telling them to contract. Climax is the place your physique is headed, and your physique is preparing for that. However don’t rush the method. Extending the orgasmic plateau helps your physique launch stress hormones and triggers different well being advantages, like improved immune perform. Spending extra time within the plateau stage may result in a extra highly effective orgasm. I like to recommend making an attempt to spend shut to twenty minutes on this stage a few times per week. 

The Third Stage of Arousal: Climax

This stage is temporary however highly effective! It’s when your mind produces a rush of feel-good neurochemicals that make your complete physique tingle. If you’re having intercourse with a companion, those self same chemical substances will enhance your emotions of connectedness with that individual. Your muscular tissues contract and chill out This lasts a short while, but it surely electrifies the nerve endings in your clitoris and feels implausible.

The Fourth Stage of Arousal: Refractory Interval

This stage is when your physique begins to return again to baseline. Your physiological methods sluggish again down and most of the people really feel relaxed and related. 

How you can Sync Your Orgasm with Your Infradian Rhythm

The following step in biohacking your method to extra pleasure is to grasp how your hormones change over the course of your infradian rhythm, or the 28-day hormone cycle your physique strikes by means of each month. As your hormones shift and alter every month, it impacts your cognitive perform, power, temper, and libido, in addition to the way you expertise the 4 phases of arousal. 

Many ladies suppose that, whether it is taking them longer than traditional to climax or to get within the temper, there’s something mistaken with them. That’s not the case! How lengthy it takes to your physique to really feel prepared for intercourse is determined by which part of your cycle you’re in. The extra you understand concerning the phases of your cycle, the extra you may work together with your physique to expertise extra pleasure. 

Here’s what you want to know concerning the 4 phases of your cycle: 


  • Length: 7–10 Days 
  • Cyclical Focus: Novelty
  • Hormonal happenings: Low hormone ranges throughout this part, however your estrogen is rising.
  • Physique: Dry part. Vaginal dryness is regular. 
  • Need focus: It’s good to interact the most important sexual organ within the physique — your mind — to get within the temper.
  • Sensible: Use lubricant throughout this part and take your time attending to the orgasmic plateau.


  • Length: 3–4 Days 
  • Cyclical Focus: Receiving
  • Hormonal happenings: You get your greatest surge of estrogen throughout this part, and testosterone comes on the scene. 
  • Physique: Moist part. A lot of cervical fluid throughout this part offers pure lubrication.
  • Need focus: Ovulation stimulates your need to procreate, so you’ll be extra within the temper bodily throughout this part.
  • Sensible: You seemingly gained’t want lube throughout this part and you’ll obtain orgasmic plateau extra simply with clitoral stimulation. 


  • Length: 10–14 Days 
  • Cyclical Focus: Readability
  • Hormonal happenings: Estrogen and progesterone arrive on the scene, and testosterone remains to be current within the first half of this part. 
  • Physique: Moist part. Self-lubricating.
  • Need: Within the first half of this part, testosterone will enhance libido. Through the second half of this part, you is perhaps much less serious about intercourse than regular as your hormone ranges begin to w ane. 
  • Sensible: Concentrate on a number of foreplay throughout this time — and take your time. Don’t rush towards the orgasmic plateau. 


  • Length: 3–7 Days Cyclical 
  • Focus: Recharge
  • Hormonal happenings: Your hormones are at their lowest ranges throughout this part.
    Physique: Dry part (menstrual blood is just not lubricating). 
  • Need focus: It may be regular to not really feel need in any respect throughout this part, however the elevated quantity of the uterus can add pleasurable stress to your g-spot, reminding you that intercourse may really feel good proper now. 
  • Sensible: Use lube and deal with the clitoris. 

In case your intercourse life has turn into lackluster, or in the event you’ve all the time suspected that you can be experiencing extra sexual pleasure, use this cyclical data to biohack your orgasm. Orgasm is sweet to your well being: it helps stability hormones and flush the stress hormone cortisol. Additionally it is good to your high quality of life. And if you wish to study much more about intercourse and your cycle, take a look at my newest e book Within the Flo

At all times do not forget that after you have the precise details about how your physique actually works, you can begin making well being decisions that lastly begin to give you the results you want! You are able to do this – the science of your physique is in your facet!

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