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There may be nothing worse than a weightlifter with massive muscle mass and horrible posture.  We’ve all seen them. You understand who I’m speaking about. It’s possible you’ll even be one in all them, standing within the gymnasium with a stringer tank prime and large entrance delts pulling your shoulders ahead.  I’m not simply speaking about poor shoulder alignment, you might be staring down at your telephone proper now, together with your chin jutting out too far and your neck in a semi everlasting curve. And don’t get me began in your sitting habits…driving round in your automotive slouched like its a bean bag chair, together with your decrease again curved the incorrect means and your pelvis tilted.  Tisk, tisk.

Why go through the difficulty of constructing all that bulk in case you are not going to showcase it appropriately?  

Moreover the apparent downgrading impact of dangerous posture in your physique (hasn’t all of these Instagram mirror selfies taught you something?) there are some severe well being dangers to your backbone in case you are standing and sitting hunched over.  Fortunately for you, my loyal Muscle & Power readers, I’m going that will help you establish the foundation of your posture issues and present you tips on how to repair them.

Posture Downside #1:  Hunched/rounded shoulders

Root of the issue: weak or unengaged Rhomboids and Traps.  Weak Rear Deltoids. Benching an excessive amount of.

Fast Repair: Get up straight and pull your shoulders again.

This drawback might be essentially the most widespread of any posture drawback and there are a number of totally different culprits accountable.  Prioritizing heavy chest coaching over again coaching is one in all them. Do that fast check to see in case you are responsible of being a benchaholic.  Stand together with your arms at your sides. Look down at your fingers. Do your thumbs pronate in in the direction of your thighs or are they in a impartial place pointing straight forward?  In case your thumbs are rotating inward then you’re responsible as charged. Your entrance delts and pecs are over powering the muscle mass in your higher again and are pulling your shoulders ahead.  this power imbalance is making you appear to be a neanderthal and may result in harm within the rotator cuff. The quickest and best repair is to focus on standing up straight and pulling your shoulders again into place…however that can doubtless not utterly remedy the power imbalance that has shaped from years of standing incorrect and slacking on higher again coaching.  Listed below are the workouts we’re going to use to repair the problem:

Seated Row pause reps

If we’re going to counteract your heavy benching then we have to use an antagonistic motion and cargo up on the load.  For this I like heavy seated rows utilizing an overhand grip on a large or lat bar, ideally holding the bar on the identical width as if you bench.  I guess although you may have been doing heavy rows, you haven’t been concentrating on crucial a part of the motion – scapular retraction.  Pull onerous and squeeze your scapula collectively and pause for 1 second when the bar touches your higher abs. Do 5 units of a heavy 3-5 reps.

Band Pull-a-parts

It is a nice rehab motion that ought to be achieved each day earlier than each exercise to assist strengthen the rear delts and pull the shoulder into correct alignment.  Seize a mini band with an overhand grip and maintain it straight out in entrance of you at shoulder top. Preserve your arms straight and pull the band aside till your arms are straight out out of your sides.  Do units of 10 or 20 relying on rear felt power and band thickness.

Seated Shrugs

This shrug variation is nice for strengthening your traps in a means that can repair your posture.  More often than not when doing shrugs you’re in all probability pulling your shoulders straight up – which is appropriate – however by doing this seated model we are going to goal the decrease traps which play an vital function in posture.  Begin by sitting on the finish of a bench and holding a set of dumbbells at your aspect. I like to recommend utilizing roughly 70% of the load you’d use on common standing shrugs, so in case you usually use 100lb DBs, seize a set of 70s for these.  Preserve your decrease again arched however lean ahead barely at a excessive angle. Shrug the weights up and again, pinching your shoulder blades collectively on the prime, holding for 3 seconds. Full 3 units of 8 reps.

Single arm Rear Delt Flys

It is a nice motion to assist counteract on a regular basis you may have spent creating the entrance of your shoulders whereas neglecting the posterior head of the delts.  Lay on one aspect on a bench together with your backside leg “determine foured” beneath you for stability. Seize a lightweight dumbbell together with your prime arm and let it hold over and throughout your physique so it’s pointing on the ground.  Preserve your elbow locked and transfer it up in a straight line (not “again”) in the direction of the ceiling. Decrease underneath management. Full 3 units of 6 on all sides.

Posture Downside #2:  Slumped seating

Root of the issue: Weak Low Again.  Weak/Tight Hamstrings

Fast Repair: Sit up.  Modify your automotive seat.

I do know, I do know, I do it too.  It’s onerous to not generally, however in case you actually give it some thought is it actually snug to take a seat slouched ahead?  It’s not and moreover making you appear to be a child it’s horrible in your backbone and hips. One of the best factor to do is to recollect to sit up, however from a power standpoint, it might be your weak posterior chain that’s contributing to this dangerous behavior.  Tight hamstrings are additionally an element so along with some power workouts we’re additionally going to make use of a yoga place to assist appropriate your slumping:

Upward Canine/Downward Canine

Begin in a push up place. Elevate your hips within the air as you push your shoulders down and again, forming an A-Body together with your physique.  Drive your heels in the direction of the bottom, maintaining your legs straight as you’re feeling the stretch out of your glutes all the way down to your achilles tendons.  that is Downward Canine. Maintain the place for 10 seconds then swoop down right into a push up, however let your hips fall to the bottom. Lengthen your arms and arch upward, stretching your abs and letting your ft fall flat.  Maintain the Upward Canine place for 10 seconds. Rotate between these two poses for a complete of two minutes.

Reverse Hyper

Should you don’t have entry to a reverse hyper machine, you possibly can mimic this nice decrease again strengthener by laying throughout a swiss ball or a bench, together with your decrease physique hanging off.  Maintain on to the underside of the bench and lift your legs up till your physique is in a straight line and parallel to the ground.

Hamstring Bridge

Lay in your again together with your hips near a bench or plyo field.  Place one heal on prime of the bench and the opposite foot straight up within the air.  Press down through your heal and elevate your hips partaking the glute and hamstring.  The aim is to have a straight line out of your knee through the hip to your shoulder. Do 3 units of 5 reps, pausing for 3 seconds on the prime of every rep.

Posture Downside #3: Head ahead and down

Root of the issue:  Weak Neck and traps.

Fast Repair: Cease staring down at your telephone.

There’s nothing worse than seeing somebody with an in any other case sturdy physique that has a thin neck jutting out from large shoulders.  The issue is that almost all weight lifters do little or no to work their neck – mix that with everybody’s behavior of staring down at their sensible telephones consistently and you’ve got a recipe for higher backbone posture catastrophe.  Right here’s how one can keep away from this widespread pencil neck drawback:

Neck Plank

Begin by sitting on a swiss ball and stroll ahead till you’re in a glute bridge place with solely the again of your head touching the ball and supporting your physique weight.  Preserve your backbone straight as you press through the again of your head into the ball. Begin with three units of 10 seconds then work as much as 30 second holds earlier than including weight.

Shrug Holds

Carry out these as you’d a traditional barbell shrug, however you will pause for five seconds on the prime.  Don’t simply maintain your shoulders excessive, consider attempting to squeeze all of them the way in which to your ears for all the 5 seconds.  This further maintain on the prime will actually goal the higher traps the place they tie into your neck and assist pull your head again over prime of your shoulders.

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