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Do statin ldl cholesterol medication block oxytocin?

If in case you have been having fun with the Lactobacillus reuteri yogurt that we make utilizing prolonged fermentation to attain excessive counts of the microbe, you’re probably experiencing the advantages of the increase in oxytocin that features:

  • Elevated empathy, elevated want for social connection, lowered social nervousness, elevated capability for cooperation and collaboration
  • Elevated feeling of calm, lowered emotions of stress
  • Restoration of youthful muscle mass and energy
  • Deeper sleep with prolonged durations of REM (the restorative part of sleep answerable for higher psychological well being)
  • Elevated dermal collagen, smoother pores and skin with fewer wrinkles
  • Accelerated therapeutic
  • Preservation of bone density–Some of the essential issues girls can do to take care of bone density
  • Improved immune response

Elegant analysis, particularly that from the laboratory of Drs. Gimpl and Fahrenholz of Johannes Gutenberg College in Mainz, Germany have demonstrated that ldl cholesterol is important for oxytocin to bind to the oxytocin receptor. “Our information recommend a direct and cooperative molecular interplay of ldl cholesterol with OT [oxytocin] receptors. Ldl cholesterol acts as an allosteric modulator and stabilizes the receptor in a high-affinity state for agonists . . .” In different phrases, oxytocin binds tightly to its receptor when ldl cholesterol is out there.

So what occurs while you take a statin or different cholesterol-reducing drug? Might it block the motion of oxytocin and thereby negate all the advantages we receive from it comparable to emotional advantages, accelerated therapeutic, and improved immune response? Research to have a look at this connection particularly haven’t but been carried out, however think about that individuals who take statin medication have been noticed to expertise:

  • Lowered capability to learn facial cues—The flexibility to interpret facial cues is a serious impact of oxytocin, lowered by statin medication.
  • Irritability—that may manifest as homicidal impulses, threats to others, highway rage, worry in relations, and harm to property.
  • Paranoia
  • Sleep disruption
  • Sexual dysfunction

Statins have severe social and emotional impacts on individuals taking them. Whereas there was hypothesis that statins exert such results by interfering with serotonin metabolism, I believe you could see that interference with oxytocin binding might additionally clarify many of those phenomena. The tragedy right here is, after all, that folks expertise such results whereas 1) acquiring little to no discount in cardiovascular occasions, and a couple of) have the actual causes of cardiovascular occasions ignored due to the misplaced concentrate on ldl cholesterol and statin medication, and three) expertise dramatic improve within the chance of creating sort 2 diabetes, probably resulting from 4) marked disruptions in intestinal microbiome composition that, in flip, opens the door for a lot of different long-term continual well being points.

In different phrases, the widespread use of statin medication that my colleagues view as lifesavers are related to substantial social and emotional dysfunction, probably through interfering with the hormone of affection and empathy, oxytocin whereas, for my part, offering little to no profit.

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