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Creating Your Best Self Seminar

with David McGuire, Certified Personal Trainer and Coach

Topic: The Secret To Establishing New Habits


How do you create new and healthier habits, make them stick and not beat yourself up in the process?

You have the POWER!

Your best, motivated and disciplined self is waiting to meet you.

What you think…
– when you walk in the club
– when you look in the mirror
– during a workout
– while you eat sheet cake

…has more power than the heaviest of weights, the hardest of exercises or the strictest of diets.

In this one-hour seminar, we’ll talk about how your brain works for (and against) you during times of personal growth and change.

You’ll learn how looking at your thoughts can have enormous impact on the results you’re getting both inside and outside the club.

Want to change your body?
It starts with the mind.

Want to be more disciplined?
Stop thinking you’re not.

Want to be motivated like never before?
Fall in love… with YOURSELF (what a concept!)

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