Can You Get Too Many Antioxidants?

In case you’re in any respect taken with diet, you then’re accustomed to the phrases antioxidant and free radical. Each are invoked often, and at all times in the identical form of method. We discuss in regards to the physique as if it have been some form of Wild West shoot-out between the free radicals (in darkish bandannas) and the antioxidants (carrying white). I personally often cite the potential injury brought on by free radicals and the advantages of meals which are wealthy in antioxidants, comparable to greens.

However currently, there have been options that this Shootout at OK Corral imagery could also be an over-simplification—and even an outright mistake. Have we received all of it unsuitable about free radicals and antioxidants? Are free radicals truly good for us? Are you able to get too many antioxidants?.

Do Free Radicals Trigger Growing old?

Free radicals, after all, are molecules with an unpaired electron, which makes them electrically unstable. In an effort to stabilize themselves, they recruit electrons from different molecules, which frequently creates extra free radicals.  If it will get out of hand, this electron-robbing free-for-all may cause loads of injury, disrupting mobile perform and DNA.

Method again in the midst of the final century, a scientist named Denny Harmon first launched the notion that free radicals have been a major explanation for growing old and illness—and that quelling these free radicals with antioxidants might assist us reside longer and maintain us from getting sick.

Ever since, it’s as if we’ve been in some form of race through which whoever consumes essentially the most antioxidants wins–which explains why antioxidant dietary supplements are a multi-billion greenback business. Weirdly, nevertheless, it has turned out that taking all these dietary supplements doesn’t truly make anybody any more healthy.  In a number of research, individuals taking antioxidant dietary supplements have been truly worse off than those that didn’t.

Ought to You Take Antioxidants?

It seems that taking excessive dose antioxidants could cut back the profit you get from train.

Up to now couple of years, we’ve been studying that free radicals may very well have some advantages—and that overloading ourselves with antioxidants could also be getting in the best way of the physique’s regular wholesome method of functioning. For instance, we all know that vigorous train creates loads of free radicals within the physique. And since we’ve been taught that free radicals are dangerous, many individuals reasoned that athletes ought to take high-dose antioxidants to counter-act the damaging results of all these free radicals. However it seems that this will likely do extra injury than good.


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