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Althea Hondrogen

Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor

Althea has been working in the health and fitness industry since 1990. Her knowledge, energy and contagious enthusiasm have always made her one of the most popular class instructors. Her specialty: Pilates. In addition to teaching and training here at the club, she has also designed and conducted numerous instructor certification programs. As the founder and former owner of Defy Gravity Pilates, she has been profiled on KPIX, KGO and 7×7 Magazine.

Althea has extensive experience in physical rehabilitation, and truly looks forward to seeing her clients fully recover from past injuries and then achieve new levels of fitness. By focusing on how the body and mind functions as an integrated unit, postural weaknesses may be strengthened, functional movement may be restored and mental agility may endure.

Althea’s motto: “Stay flexible.”


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