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    Are you suffering from chronic low back pain? Struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Knee pain that won’t go away? Are you consuming frightening quantities of pills to mute the symptoms? Worried about all the side effects, especially falling?


    We’re here for you.  As a matter of fact, Pacific Heights Health Club is the only club in San Francisco specializing in healthy weight loss and fitness programs for active boomers and seniors. Our 30-minute custom workouts are safe, deliver results and most importantly, about friendship and fun.


    Let’s get started today so that in just a week or two, you’ll be sleeping better, have more energy and less pain. No more worries about the scale. You’ll feel GREAT – ready for life and all it has to offer! Just fill out the Contact Us form below.


  • Susan Meyers

    "I have made
    immeasurable progress in strength, endurance, and confidence in my body thanks to Jamie. He respects your comfort zone and gently encourages you to go beyond. I plan to continue my training on a regular basis - sky's the limit!"

    - Susan Meyers

  • Vas Kiniris

    "I was experiencing some back pain and was advised to strengthen my core. I was already in pretty good shape but WOW, what a difference a fitness professional can make when they really know what they're doing. I'm now having fun and motivated to get stronger."

    - Vas Kiniris

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